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Brent Brookler's profile

  • What is Flowboard and the amazing opportunity that we are building.

  • FlowVella is emerging as the leading platform for interactive iPad kiosks for museums, and other uses. FlowVella offers simple and powerful tools (Mac and iPad apps) that allow users to quickly and easily compose custom, branded, multimedia experiences that can be securely deployed in kiosks and updated hassle free. FlowVella kiosk pricing is simple, just $20/month for a PRO account and additional costs per active device. You won’t beat FlowVella’s power, price, security and convenience for an iPad interactive, multimedia kiosk solution. Just ask the Smithsonian, Star Wars or EMP Museum about FlowVella and they will tell you their stories of success.

  • The easiest way to create beautiful, interactive, multimedia driven presentations on your Mac. FlowVella is presentation software for the mobile generation.

  • FlowVella is the future of interactive, multimedia driven presentation software and presentation apps. Presentation software continues to evolve and FlowVella is leading the charge to define the future of interactive presentations.

  • This FlowVella sales deck is modeled after Andy Raskin’s Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen. It’s not an exact reproduction, it isn’t perfect, but it uses a similar narrative, with my own take. I used gorgeous images from and put this together in an afternoon. Jenn, our designer, helped out with some of the icons. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think it’s the Greatest Sales Deck Ever?

  • Dain Fagerholm is a Seattle based gif artist. Here is a small collection of his works.

  • The Donald Trump Soundboard 2017 is a collection of recent quotes and sounds from Donald Trump on his journey to be the 45th President of the United States of America. Created in FlowVella as an example of our audio features. We also have created a DIY Soundboard and have posts on our blog on how to create these soundboards, but Donald Trump is such great subject matter and sound.