FlowVella Uses Its Force and Presentation Software to Power Star Wars Exhibit

Fast Company reports on how the Smithsonian’s Star Wars exhibit is using FlowVella’s museum kiosk solution to power interactive iPad kiosks. From the article: iPad kiosks dot the installation, each one powered by digital presentation software called FlowVella, which allows the museum to present much more detail about each costume’s creation and history than the…

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Presentation Settings and Analytics Links

Today we are happy to introduce some updates to our Flow settings and analytics on the web. Now our web player displays quicker access to analytics and settings from each of your Flows! Read on for more about these web updates, and what we are working on next. Presentation Settings and Analytics Links We made…

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FlowVella Education – Clarifications with New Update, Free Student Accounts and Future

FlowVella Education – Clarifications, FREE Student Accounts and the Future   When we launched FlowVella (formerly Flowboard), we didn’t expect to have as many students and teachers use the iPad app as we have. We anticipated that we would get college and university students as well as teachers and professors. We knew that FlowVella was…

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Presentation Privacy and Security with FlowVella

Presentation privacy and security is something we take very seriously at FlowVella. I’m not sure if you have seen our ‘pledge’ for your data, but we understand the sensitivity of confidential company presentations, and the security for our younger users. Since before, and especially after the revelations exposed by Edward Snowden, there has been an…

Intoducing FlowVella – The Next Era in Presentation Software
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Intoducing FlowVella – The Next Era in Presentation Software

As you may have already noticed around here, things are looking a little bit different. That’s because Flowboard is now FlowVella™. As our product has grown and matured, our design has changed, and we’ve ultimately expanded from our mobile-centric roots. We launched the Mac version in July, and continue to improve the web player experience. While we…

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Perfect Your Investor Pitch at Pitch Perfect Sponsored by FlowVella

Perfect Your Investor Pitch at Pitch Perfect! We are happy to announce our first event, on September 16, 2014, at WeWork Seattle. At FlowVella, we want to help everyone make better presentations. One of the toughest and most important presentations to make is the ‘investor pitch’. We have created a new event called Pitch Perfect…

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Example #FlowVellaMacContest Entry with Video

Here is a video of me building my #FlowVellaMacContest Entry on FlowVella for Mac and below the actual finished product. I can’t win, but I enjoy making these (honestly). I have a few more that I’ll post later. View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

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The Generation Gap in the Tablet Creation Consumption Debate

The following was originally posted on Xconomy‘s Xconomist Forum. The Generation Gap in the Tablet Creation Consumption Debate The iPad launched in March of 2010 starting the modern tablet era and the debate about what tablets are best for: creation or consumption. While the iPad dominated tablet sales through 2012, in the last couple of…