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What is a Slidedoc?

The way we communicate is changing. In our time-strapped world, we like information that is

consumed quickly.

This has led organizations to look for a way to fill the gap between long-form documents and presentations. What has emerged are slidedocs.

A slidedoc is a visual document

intended to be read and referenced instead of projected. Slidedocs work for a variety of communication scenarios, from sales collateral to in-meeting reference material. And

because of their modular nature,

slidedocs can spread your smart

thinking throughout your


Effective slidedocs are developed by knowing your audience,

understanding how they consume

information, and by having one clear

big idea. Developing effective

slidedocs also requires visualizing

ideas and making the information

easy to navigate.

Slidedocs are one of the most

effective tools for communicating

ideas quickly and establishing

consensus. Your ideas deserve the

best possible communication vehicle. Slidedocs are designed for the way we communicate today.

This template accommodates longer-form reading material

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By FlowVella