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  • V2 Cigs Continues To Soar In 2016 No matter how big your business is, it won't matter if your products are of low quality. V2 Cigs is one of the best in the market and their statistics and high rating proves it. At V2 Cigs you get exactly what is promised. You get the best quality and nothing less. All of their electronic cigarettes are created and designed by engineers that are trained in this particular area. Because of this, you can be sure to have great quality and safety when purchasing products from V2 Cigs. They test their products and even have quality controls. Customers will only get the best. You can even see the results from these tests on V2's website. V2 Cigs Will Have High Ratings in 2015 V2 Cigs products are very convenient. You can be sure you are getting the most responsible quality and safety standards when choosing V2 Cigs. You get the E-Liquids in child-proof bottles. Also, the flavor cartridges are sealed and have expiration dates labeled on them. You are also offered a lifetime guarantee on their products. It does not get any better than that. V2 Cigs shows that they are confident in the quality they provide. V2 Cigs - As Good As You Hear You will find that many of the electronic cigarette companies out there will spend a bunch of money on advertising but have terrible products. ECig customers are looking for a traditional cigarette replacement that doesn't create second-hand smoke, cause health issues, or environment issues. Those companies spend a lot of money on the ads to make it seem like their products are of good quality but when you buy them, they are not. V2 Cigs does not do this. They spend more time on their products which is what you want to be sure to get great quality, consistency, and safety. A few of the companies that just do not add up are NJOY, Blue Cigs, and Green Smoke. V2 Cigs Is As Good As It Sounds V2 Cigs does not just stop improving. They constantly strive to keep up their good work with new trends and even research. To be on top you have to constantly do these things and that's why V2 Cigs is on top. They work hard to always give you good quality. V2 also offers an amazing amount of variety. Variety is important to them and it is obvious with their sweet line of e-liquids along with starter kits. You will be sure to find the perfect starter kit. Their website is also very easy to use. Now all of this along with amazing customer service makes a great company and V2 Cigs has it all down. How V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work The two major parts of a V2 Cig are the battery and flavor cartridge. Each of the flavor cartridges are filled with nicotine or non-nicotine depending on preference along with e-liquid of different flavorings. Customers can choose the nicotine strength of their liking along with the flavor. The strengths of nicotine come in zero(0), Light(6), Medium(12), and Full(18). There are also many flavors customers can choose from such as Red(American Tobacco), Congress(Tobacco Flavor with Distinction), and Sahara(Turkish Tobacco Flavor). Cool, refreshing flavors consist of Mint Tea, Menthol, and Peppermint. There are also certain flavors for sale such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry. With all of this variety, V2 Cigs gives customers a chance to get unique products that fit their needs. How V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work With V2 Cigs, you will get flavor cartridges at very nice prices. A pack of 5 of your choice of flavors is only $9.95. Customers can get packs of 40 for $64.95 and packs of 20 for $34.95. Both of those allow you to choose flavors. Also, if you bulk buy, you save money. Get an 80-pack and you will spend $119.95. If you're unsure of which flavors to get, try the V2 10-Flavor Sampler. You get each of their flavors which consist of Congress, Peppermint, Cherry, Vanilla, Red, Coffee, Sahara, Menthol, Mint Tea, and Chocolate for $16.95. This is a great to see which flavors you like and which you won't. How V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work Another great example of how reliable V2 Cigs is how they let contact you within a couple of days after you've made a customized flavor. For $225, you can get 100 custom cartridges.You can choose the nicotine strength and color and the V2 Cigs experts will create it for you. How V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work The battery is one of the two main parts of V2 Cigs' electronic cigarettes. The batteries come in different sizes. You can get the V2 Long Cig which is 140 mm and per charge, gives you 300 puffs. There's the V2 Standard Cig and this one gives you 200 puffs per charge and is 110. Last, there's the V2 Shorty Cig and it is 100 mm and per charge, gives you about 160 puffs. With whichever battery that you choose, you can also choose the color. How V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work When getting a battery, you can choose between manual or automatic. Neither battery is better than the other, it is just whichever one you prefer. Automatic batteries get triggered when someone puffs on the ecig, whereas manual batteries turn on by the press of a button that is found on the electronic cigarette's body. It is awesome that V2 Cigs offers both to their customers. Accessories and Starter Kits At V2 Cigs When people purchase their first electronic cigarette from a company, they usually start with getting a starter kit. By seeing what is offered in the starter kit, you can determine if it is worth purchasing from that company. You can see if you're getting a nice deal along with if the products represent the company and if you will have an awesome experience and all for a good price. V2 Cigs is the way to go if you want an amazing electronic cigarette starter kit. V2 Cigs Accessories and Starter Kits With all of V2 Cigs' starter kits, you get all of what you need to vape. The V2 Express Kit, their basic kit, consists a V2 flavor cartridge, an express charger, and a standard white automatic battery all for $24.95. Customers of the Express Kit can choose between Menthol and V2 Red(American Tobacco) in strengths of either Light, Medium, or Full. The charger that comes in this kit also charges faster than previous ones and does not overcharge. This is a good kit for starters and if this is not enough, you can always purchase addition items like accessories and flavor cartridges. V2 Cigs Accessories and Starter Kits For V2 Cigs customers on a budget, the V2 Cigs Economy Starter Kit is the way to go. For $49.95 you get10 V2 flavor cartridges, 1 smart charger, a v2 standard automatic battery, 1 wall adapter, and a manual. This kit is even customizable also. You can choose 2 flavors and nicotine strengths. Just like with the V2 Express Kit, you can get this alone or with additional items such as more flavor cartridges. For those customers that are not sure if they will get the hang of electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs offers V2 Disposables. This is a great way to test electronic cigarettes without breaking your wallet. You just simply throw it away after you are done using it. The best part is each disposable electronic cigarette gives you the same amount as puffing as you'd get with two packs of regular cigarettes. That is approximately 350 to 450 puffs. You can get them in Light(6) or Full(18) strengths along with menthol and regular tobacco flavors. With these V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, you will never have to worry about cartridges or recharging batteries. You can get a pack of ten for $74.95, a pack of five for $39.95, and a pack of three for $24.95. Each Customer Gets An Amazing Product To Fit His/Her Needs Having choices makes a product much more enjoyable. This is why V2 Cigs is as popular as it is. You aren't just getting a generic product that everyone else gets. You are getting a product with choices that you make yourself. Customers are able to choose the color of their battery along with the length and the flavor and strength of their flavor cartridge. Customers also have the chance to make their own flavor on V2's website. The kits V2 Cigs offer all have different accessories that can also be individually purchased. Customers will most definitely be happy with their experience with V2 Cigs because they will get great products that has been customized to their own likings. Customers Get Unique Products You won't find any other electronic cigarettes that compare. With V2 you won't have to worry about your products' quality. They will never fall apart on you and are very safe. You get the satisfaction of all of this for great prices also. Other companies just do not add up. With V2 Cigs, you get a complete unique experience. V2 even have guarantees on a lot of their products. They mean business. Customer Service and Why It Should Be Good One of the things that has helped V2 Cigs is their excellent customer service. Having great customer service is very important to have. Is it essential for all customers but especially to new users that probably have no experience at all with electronic cigarettes. Their staff is there for you before and after your purchase and this is very nice. You can expect to get help on any question or issue. You will definitely be satisfied too. It doesn't just stop with speaking to operators, they also ensure you get help even when not contacting them with their V2 manual that you'll get with your purchases. You experience will be like no other with V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs Has Great Reviews The great reviews on V2 Cigs are out of this world. They don't have to get told this from their marketing staff because they can just see if for themselves on their website. Customers are raving about their products. The product reviews and testimonials are very good. Even "professional" reviews rave about V2 Cigs' products. On, V2 Cigs has very high ratings and it doesn't come to a shock once you've seen all the fuss about the,/ They have great quality and awesome prices. Reviewers have said that V2 Cigs partnering up with UPS shows just how great this company is. With their history of greatness, it proved to UPS that doing this would no doubt be profitable.

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