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Presentation Privacy and Security with FlowVella

Presentation privacy and security is something we take very seriously at FlowVella. I’m not sure if you have seen our ‘pledge’ for your data, but we understand the sensitivity of confidential company presentations, and the security for our younger users. Since before, and especially after the revelations exposed by Edward Snowden, there has been an…

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This just in: FlowVella announced as launch partners with Adobe

At FlowVella, we have a profound respect for the artist’s canvas. After all, we’d never have the opportunity to delight in Monet’s Water Lilies or Botiticelli’s The Birth of Venus if there was no inviting blank space for them to fill. But here’s the thing: we’ve come a long way from the days of canvas…

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Perfect Your Investor Pitch at Pitch Perfect Sponsored by FlowVella

Perfect Your Investor Pitch at Pitch Perfect! We are happy to announce our first event, on September 16, 2014, at WeWork Seattle. At FlowVella, we want to help everyone make better presentations. One of the toughest and most important presentations to make is the ‘investor pitch’. We have created a new event called Pitch Perfect…

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Example #FlowVellaMacContest Entry with Video

Here is a video of me building my #FlowVellaMacContest Entry on FlowVella for Mac and below the actual finished product. I can’t win, but I enjoy making these (honestly). I have a few more that I’ll post later. View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

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UPDATE: FlowVella for Mac Contest

FlowVella for Mac Contest We’ve made a few adjustments to our contest in hope that more of you will be able to participate. There was some confusion around how to enter, so we’ve simplified things! The grand prize winner will still win a brand new MacBook Air. Enter below and tell us in your own…

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Tabby Awards Finalist 2014 – Vote for FlowVella!

We are so excited to announce that we are a finalist in the Tabby Awards! The Tabby Awards is a global competition for the best tablet apps, and they are currently running their 2014 competition. Chosen from over 200 entries in more than 20 countries, FlowVella is up against 92 other finalists. The Tabby Awards finalists are…

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Logging Into Same Account on Multiple iPads on FlowVella

We’ve heard that a few of you have had issues with logging into more than one iPad on the same account. We’ve heard this most often from teachers who use FlowVella in the classroom. We’d like to address these concerns and offer a couple suggestions. We highly recommend NOT using more than one iPad per…

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Favorite Celeb Apps: FlowVella

Favorite Celeb Apps: FlowVella FlowVella has hit the silver screen – almost. Our ‘little’ presentation app for the iPad is getting some celebrity love from actor-director John Turturro. Turturro, who stars in his new film called “Fading Gigolo,” tells CNET’s Josh Rotter that one of his favorite apps is FlowVella. When CNET asks Turturro which apps he is…