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Expected Behavior

Known Issues and Limitations

This version of the PPTX importer does not support:

- we do NOT accept PPT files, only PPTX

- tables (or text and images within - sorry)

- charts

- animations and transitions

- videos

- audio

- smart art

- links

- zoom on images

The FlowVella PPTX Importer 1.0 is our first iteration and is not intended to be a complete ‘converter’ of PPTX files to Flows. The objective is to get the core content from your existing PPTX files and bring them into FlowVella. There are many PowerPoint features that FlowVella does not support, so we have focused on getting the screens and structure of the PPTX, the text and bullets and the images. This version does NOT support tables, nor pulling the text or images out of tables.

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PowerPoint (PPTX) Importer

By Brent Brookler

We are happy to introduce our first version of importing PowerPoint files, specifically PPTX files, into FlowVella. We have done much work on this journey, yet, we have so much further to go. Please give it a try and read up on the current limitations of this widely requested feature.