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How to Close More Deals with a Sales Presentation – Five Star Bath Solutions Case Study

With the ability to update on the fly and manage teams of people, it’s easy to implement a winning sales strategy, no matter how small or large your business is. The ease of use (no developer required!) and low cost of set up, requiring just an iPad and a FlowVella PRO account, make it approachable for companies of all sizes, from new businesses to corporations. And if you’re currently using paper presentations, files, and testimonial books for in home sales presentations are looking something that will help you close more deals, then read on to find out how!

close more deals with an interactive sales presentation

About Five Star Bath Solutions

Five Star Bath Solutions is a nationally recognized home services franchise specializing in bathroom remodeling. Serving customers across the United States and Canada, they’ve been in business since 1996. In 2013, they were acquired by a franchise developer, and they then went on to open the first US location.

Five Star Bath Solutions strives to be the bathroom renovation experts, providing affordable transformations and beautiful solutions to any bathroom space.

How Five Star Bath Solutions is using FlowVella

As a home service provider, Five Star Bath Solutions offers a variety of products and services to meet their customer’s needs. Their sales process relies on a traditional one call close and in-home sales presentations. As their company has grown, they found it becoming more difficult to update and maintain consistency between the sales presentations used in different locations.

After implementing FlowVella software, Five Star has been able to successfully onboard new locations more efficiently and provide new franchisees with a customizable iPad based in home sales presentation that has more visual appeal to the customer.

How to Create a Sales Presentation to Grow Business

Previously, Five Star found it difficult to manage their sales presentations from location to location. With multiple manufacturers, ever-changing products, and a variety of details that needed to be updated for each location, it became hard to maintain a consistent message to customers at each location. Many locations still were relying on printed media or PowerPoint presentations, which were rarely updated.

To remedy this, Five Star implemented FlowVella and created a standard template which could be copied by franchisees. The presentation was designed as a template so individual locations could edit and customize certain pages as needed and those that were intended to appear as local for their in home sales presentations to customers.

Additionally, most new Five Star owners did not come from a home improvement sales background. Traditional sales systems were difficult for new franchisees to understand and implement, resulting in a longer than expected on-boarding process and increased time from training to the first sale. Five Star used FlowVella design services to offer a turnkey solution. The existing PowerPoint sales presentation was fully converted over to FlowVella to take advantage of the interactive capabilities. Videos were added to explain difficult concepts and multiple images were introduced so that customers could easily visualize the products and services that were being offered.

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

Why FlowVella

Since implementing FlowVella, Five Star has seen a dramatic improvement in sales, specifically from new franchisees. The on-boarding time has been drastically reduced as well. According to Dean Hartley, Five Star Bath Solutions Brand President, “Time from start to [the] first sale has decreased from 30-60 days to 3-7 days. The average price from new locations has also increased 15%.”

Updates to all locations have proved to be significantly less challenging than before, and customers are commenting that they find the new presentations easy to understand and very informative.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you get started with FlowVella as a sales presentation solution, or as a Kiosk for brick and mortar sales, reach out to us today!

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