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FlowVella Premium vs. Pro

Today we’re welcoming FlowVella Pro to our line up of options to upgrade your Flow experience! We had a lot of requests to make FlowVella a more collaborative environment, and our answer is with FlowVella Pro and Team. We thought we’d walk you through what makes FlowVella Pro different from our Premium Subscription that we’ve been offering since the beginning.

Workflow Simplified

At FlowVella, our goal is to make creating presentations as simple as possible! We’ve introduced teams to do just that. Now you can work on your presentation, then pass it along to another member of your team to get the story right and looking great. Anyone within a team can copy and own a Flow of anyone else within that same team. They can make changes, then share with the rest of the group.

Stay in the Loop

Sending files via email or saving them onto a Flash Drive can be difficult to manage and sometimes those emails never show up! The great thing about FlowVella is there is no file to keep track of. Your team has immediate access to featured Flows or presentations for your team or business. Instantly, your team has the most up to date presentations and pitches available, right in the app or on the web!

Reporting and Analytics

With FlowVella, tracking the outcome of your meetings and promotions is simple. After your meeting, share the URL to your presentation, and you will know how many people saw it, who saw it, which screens they looked at, at what time, and for how long!


Keeping your valuable information safe is one of our top priorities. We know you want control over who sees your presentations, so all Flows are private by default. Your Flows are automatically only viewable by other team or group members, or those outside of your organization which you have explicitly shared with.


We don’t want to make using another tool difficult, so we’ve made it simple to create your group or team. Invite your colleagues and assign roles in a web-based, intuitive tool. In just a couple of minutes, you will be up and running and ready to go!

Why FlowVella?

  • Publish a URL (link) to the web, iPad & Mac
  • Update link without need to send anything which saves time
  • No email attachments
  • Integrate videos, links, PDFs, sounds, and galleries of images
  • Build screens with links and navigation
  • Presentations are non-linear and interactive
  • Analytics on presentations with views, viewers, device type, time spent and more
  • Configurable privacy or group settings
  • Create or edit on Mac or iPad, view on any device
  • Super easy to use with powerful multimedia publishing tools.

Pro vs. Premium

FlowVella Premium vs. Pro Comparison Chart


We’ve introduced FlowVella Pro for $19.99 per month, or $16.77 per month when you subscribe for one year. This includes all premium features plus the option to create and manage your team as well as sharing presentations privately within your group. These features are only available with the Pro plan. For more information about the different plans or to sign up now, visit our Pricing page!

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