What’s New in FlowVella 5.5 – Zoom Video and Much More

February 28, 2018

It’s been a busy couple of months here at FlowVella HQ. We’ve been working hard to get you a brand new update, FlowVella version 5.50. And today, it’s here!


So what’s the feature we are most excited about? Integrated Zoom Video Communications into FlowVella! It’s been a long time in the making, and we’re so excited to finally bring you a brand new way to share your Flows. Zoom has been growing like crazy and emerging as the leader in meeting solutions and video conferencing. We truly believe that the future is video, and we hope to empower you to make even more compelling connections. You can now start or join Zoom meetings from right inside the FlowVella app. Easily share your Flow and broadcast from anywhere! You will need a free Zoom account, get one here.

We’ve also made some improvements to the overall look and feel of the app. You’ll notice our Flow Edit Screen has been completely redesigned, making it easier than ever to find the action buttons you need and to make it more consistent with our Mac app. And, you will see the new Zoom button where you can start or join a Zoom meeting.

Additionally, the tiles of each of your Flows on the My Flows screen has been updated. Now instead of comments and likes, you’ll see an easy way to delete or copy a Flow. The top menu on this page has also been updated. There has always been some confusion with what “Library” and “Catalog” meant, so we’ve updated these terms to be “Saved” and “Examples.” The functionality of these screens remains the same, however. Any Flow you’ve viewed that you did not create will be available in “Saved’ and “Examples” will remain curated by us here at FlowVella. Note: We have not updated the Mac app nor the FlowVella website with the new Saved and Examples names yet.

We’ve also made some design improvements throughout the rest of the app as well. Kiosk Mode now launches a clearer menu, and a new Go button launches a Flow straight into Kiosk Mode. You’ll also find new help screens the first time you create a new Flow to help you through the experience. While OG creators won’t need these, we hope they’re helpful for those who are new to FlowVella!

Finally, as always, we’ve made some performance upgrades and fixes under the hood of the app. We hope you won’t notice most of these, but some of the ones that you might notice are improvements to the in-app web browser, adding more localized terms in different languages, and we’ve also added some iPhone X support. (More to come soon!)

As always, we hope you enjoy the latest version of FlowVella, and we look forward to your feedback! If you run into any issues or have a question, someone’s always here to help. You can reach us the quickest via live chat on our website, or shoot us an email during off hours.

Go and download the latest version of FlowVella for iPad and iPhone on the App Store now!

Press release is here.