2018 Recap and Look Forward

December 21, 2018

2018 was a great year for FlowVella and our customers.

In 2018, our focus was on refining and focusing on the key uses of FlowVella. We added a few key features and launched a new app, Flow Kiosk.

In the beginning of 2018, we launched our Form feature to allow kiosk users to collect leads and other information from visitors and leads.

We launched FlowVella 5.5 for iPad/iPhone with our Zoom video integration into the iPad/iPhone app that allows quick and easy Zoom integration right from within the app.  This update saw a major redesign of many of the elements within the app.

Kiosk Mode to Flow Kiosk

We continued to tune and refine our ‘kiosk mode‘ features based on your feedback. This lead to the eventual release of Flow Kiosk in August.

In November, we did a big iPad update where we optimized for brand new and older iPad Pros and Apple has been featuring us since.


In later November/early December, we made some important changes to the iPad/iPhone app for our PRO users.

We didn’t announce it, but just a week or two ago, we made some big changes to the web site navigation and for PRO users.

New Mac Version*

And, we have a new Mac version that we’re still testing, but you can get right now – 3.60 and it’s got some pretty sweet new features, some fixes and only available right here right now.  

We will release this in the Mac App Store in the new year.

What is to Come in 2019

As I mentioned above, there are some cool new features in the Mac app that you can get right now. These features offer a glimpse of some of what’s to come with FlowVella across our Mac, iPad and iPhone apps. And, yes, we are working on the Web creator/editor, but it’s taking a little longer than we had thought, but it will launch sometime in 2019, I promise.

Thank You So Much!

We can’t thank our users and customers enough for their continued support. Our business is growing and 2019 is going to be the biggest year yet.

Happy Holidays and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!!

– Brent and team